Go time travelling once again

 Go time travelling once again

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How did Indian mulmul make it into Cleopatra’s wardrobe? Who popularised the Mahabharata in households across the country? Did our ancestors really identify Jupiter and Saturn without even a telescope? Find the answers to these and many other unusual questions about the India of yesterday in the posthumous publication and last work for children by Subhadra Sen Gupta Let’s Go Time Travelling Again: Indians Through the Ages .

The much-awaited book is a follow up to the immensely popular Let’s Go Time Travelling: Life in India Through the Ages, winner of the Comic Con Award 2012 for Best Children’s Illustrated Book. Told through portraits of children growing up in the villages, towns and courts of our country, this sequel to the award-winning Let’s Go Time Travelling is a vivid glimpse into our past.

Releasing nationwide on August 16, the book takes readers back in time to understand people’s lives through history. Split into professions, we deep dive into aspects of history, culture, art, politics, case and society. Quirky comics and illustrations by noted artist Tapas Guha bring alive the tales of our past. Filled with fascinating stories, information and trivia about our ancient civilisations, kingdoms and people, this an excellent reference book for students and an engaging read for anyone interested in Indian History.



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