Salman Rushdie’s pens another memoir, ‘Knife’, to be out in April 2024

 Salman Rushdie’s pens another memoir, ‘Knife’, to be out in April 2024

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Come April 2024, and Booker Prize-winner Salman Rushdie will come out with his new memoir, KNIFE: Meditations After an Attempted Murder. The book is a  gripping account on how he survived an attempt on his life 30 years after the fatwa was ordered against him. The book will be published by Penguin Random House in more than 15 territories.

KNIFE is a powerful, deeply personal and ultimately uplifting meditation on life, loss, love, the power of art, finding the strength to keep going—and to stand up again. “This was a necessary book for me to write: a way to take charge of what happened, and to answer violence with art,” says Rushdie.

“KNIFE is a searing book, and a reminder of the power of words to make sense of the unthinkable. We are amazed at Salman’s determination to tell his story, and to return to the work he loves,” says Nihar Malaviya, CEO of Penguin Random House. Penguin will publish in hardback, e-book and audio on 16 April 2024.


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