Ruskin Bond’s new book tells us how to enjoy the advancing years

 Ruskin Bond’s new book tells us how to enjoy the advancing years

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On his 89th birthday (May 19), Author Ruskin Bond, is coming out with a book on joys of growing old. Titled The Golden Years The Many Joys of Living a Good Long Life (HarperCollins India). “This book I have written for those, like me, who can no longer climb trees, swing from the flying trapeze, or go sky-diving. There are, however, a great many other things we can do, and this book describes and enumerates some of them. Life may not be a bed of roses—roses have thorns, after all—but if you can make your bed with care and dedication and a little love, you may find that it’s a good bed and a good life—often the best years of your life,” he says.

In his trademark warm, witty and whimsical style and simple prose, Ruskin tells us how to enjoy the advancing years some of us are blessed with, and how to make the most of the amazing gift called life.

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Take a look at an excerpt from the book:

Why do people retire at all? Why does that number ‘60’ fill them with apprehension? Why do they feel it ends the active period of their lives? It is just the opposite, in fact. We have, hopefully, learnt from all the mistakes of our youth and middle age; we have acquired maturity, if not great wisdom. We can’t change the world. We grew up in a troubled world, and here we are, still in a troubled world. It will always be so because humans are troublesome by nature. But if we have survived into our sixties and beyond, it is because we have learnt to live with trouble!

“A new book by Ruskin Bond is always something to look forward to—it’s almost guaranteed that, when you pick up a book by Ruskin, it will make you feel better, and make the world around you seem a bit more cheerful. I remember reading the manuscript of The Golden Years (written in longhand by Ruskin as usual) for the very first time on a day that was downright gloomy — both weatherwise and otherwise. By the time I had finished reading, though, the sun was shining again, the birds were chirping, and there was a smile on my face that simply would not be wiped off… I’ve read it several times since, and it’s brought me great joy each and every time. I hope it’ll do the same for you,” says Udayan Mitra, Executive Publisher, HarperCollins India.

“Having enjoyed 89 long years on the planet, in The Golden Years Ruskin tells us in his inimitable way — through stories, anecdotes, remembrances, observations, witticisms— why, for those of us who are lucky enough to get there, our years as a “senior citizen” can really be the best years of our lives. But the book is not just for those who’ve lived a good long life; it’s for everyone – because it’s all about the joy of life itself. I cannot wait for,” he adds.

As Amrita Mukerji, Managing Editor, HarperCollins India, says: The Golden Years is a beautiful little book to keep by your side for when you are feeling down and out and need a pick-me-up.


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