A ‘Reading Space’ for book-lovers

 A ‘Reading Space’ for book-lovers

Team L&M

Books are often much more than the written words. They are shaped by the experiences of authors and there is a fascinating story behind every published book. To give its readers more about books and authors and recommend activities which they will love to follow, Pan Macmillan recently introduced Reading Space. The idea behind this unique initiative is to entertain, inform and collaborate on an easily accessible platform.

Pan Macmillan wants Reading Space to be the readers’ personal corner to regularly connect and form a community of avid readers and book lovers. Every Tuesday, the publisher will upload videos and articles from its authors. They will tell the readers what they do apart from writing in terms of their profession, their interests and skills, their ways of contributing to society and nature and their recommendations about finding their true selves. They will be, in fact, amazed to find what inspires them to write and entertain us. There will be a bookshelf talks about a range of interesting genres from crime fiction, investigative stories, history, culture and travel to relevant issues like climate change, personality development and spiritual goals.


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