‘A Dark and Shiny Place’ highlights the special bond that exists between sisters

 ‘A Dark and Shiny Place’ highlights the special bond that exists between sisters

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A media professional with almost 20 years of experience in creating content for film, TV and OTT, Pragati Deshmukh has now come out with her her first book, a novel A Dark and Shiny Place ( published by The Write Order). A Dark and Shiny Place, is the story of Maya who experiences strange happenings and inexplicable experiences while being trapped alone, in her home, during the Pandemic-induced lockdown. The book highlights the bond Maya has with her sister Meera.
Excerpts from Chapter 4 Kaleidoscope: 

The sun shone in my eyes warmly. I could feel the fluffy sheets and the softness of my bed. There was a familiar arm across my stomach as I lay on my side and I turned to look into Samar’s peaceful face in deep sleep. This was a dream I had longed for and I wouldn’t want to wake up from. I snuggled into his arms and slept again. I was awoken by his voice calling out gently, ‘Maya? Morning! It’s11o’clock,I have to head to work soon. Are you hungry? I’m making breakfast.’

I smiled, knowing it was a dream because he was sitting miles away in another city, but I didn’t mind. I stirred and held his hand, watching his face, taking in his good looks. He started moving around more quickly and began to get slightly agitated, like he does when he gets impatient. I got up quickly and could feel the floor under my feet, solid and real. I stood there looking at him as he moved around the room, picking up his work things, putting clothes back in place and finally walking out towards the kitchen. I looked around to see our normal house on a normal morning. It wasn’t raining outside but it was cloudy. I followed him slowly and saw Bella stretching out in the passage, ready for her meal. I heard Samar call out from the kitchen.

‘Can you please feed Bella and walk her today? I am getting a bit late. Is that okay?’

I walked into the kitchen to see him making some eggs and being his usual self. I couldn’t help but just stare. I had never experienced a dream that felt so real. And then he held me by my shoulders and shook me real hard, as if to wake me up. I felt awake and heard him saying in my face, ‘Maya! Maya!’

I was standing in the kitchen with him. He was real. He was here, and this was no dream. ‘Samar? When did you get back from Delhi?’

Samar looked puzzled. ‘Delhi? What are you talking about? I haven’t left yet. And we are both going next month, remember?’

‘What?  Why are we both going? We have to move and you have to goto California?!’

‘I don’t think you have woken up from your dream yet Maya. California? Seriously?! By the way, I checked out the mold you told me about on the study walls. I think it may be because of some leaks from either the upstairs house or the after-effects of the rain. I will ask the watchman to inform the guys above. It’s our first monsoon here so let’s see what surprises the house throws up!’

‘First monsoon? We’ve been here three years and we were supposed to move out but you got stuck in Delhi and the lock down happened! Why are you messing with me?’

He stopped what he was doing and looked at me with concern. He came closer, looked into my eyes and said, ‘Are you okay? It’s been barely six months for us in this house. Is there something I need to be worried about?’

At the moment, I figured it was best to keep quiet and just take in what was going  on. Had I dreamed about my future? Was I still dreaming? And what mold was Samar talking about? While I was lost in my head, I heard him say that he had to rush, felt a light kiss on my head and heard the front door bang shut.


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