‘Sri Aurobindo and Philosophy’ by Pariksith Singh released at the Pondy Lit Fest

 ‘Sri Aurobindo and Philosophy’ by Pariksith Singh released at the Pondy Lit Fest

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In line with the Pondy Lit Fest celebrating 150 years of Sri Aurobindo, BluOne Ink has had the rare distinction of dedicating six of its books published in the current year to Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. This includes its latest book, Sri Aurobindo and Philosophy by Pariksith Singh, which was unveiled at the Fest on August 6.

During the launch, Singh shared the stage with Aravindan Neelakandan and discussed the book at length. “Sri Aurobindo was a multifaceted genius who is not only one of the greatest political leaders of modern times but also one of the greatest visionaries, a thinker par excellence, a great scholar and writer, a spiritual guide and statesman, and a leader of all humanity,” said Sigh.

Sri Aurobindo and Philosophy presents a collage of the Maharishi’s life with a perspective on his vast oeuvre as a darshanik. In his book, the author has shared Sri Aurobindo’s exalted dream and aspirations for modern India and humanity as a whole and gives a glimpse into his pragmatic philosophy being unique in Vedantic essence, yet modern in expression and outlook.

Answering Aravanindan Neelakandan’s question on his journey as an author writing about Sri Aurobindo, the author revealed that his previous book—Sri Aurobindo and the Literary Renaissance of India—was also an attempt to articulate the deep philosophies of Sri Aurobindo and lead the youth towards receiving greater inspiration from the life of one of the greatest thinkers.

“Sri Aurobindo is the only writer worth reading because he is giving you solutions to the challenges that each of us faces, especially in the modern world,” said Singh talking about Sri Aurobindo’s relevance in today’s time.





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