A valuable aid for your entrepreneurial journey

 A valuable aid for your entrepreneurial journey

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Delving on the contemporary ways of life with much enunciation on the entrepreneurial journey, Mukesh Sud (Prof at IIM Ahmedabad) and Priyank Narayan (Prof at Ashoka University) have co-authored a book, Leapfrog – Six practices to thrive at work.

Published by Penguin, Leapfrog – Six practices to thrive at work revolves around deciphering solutions to everyday challenges.

Having rich and extensive academic and entrepreneurial experience, Sud and Narayan have divulged a list of pragmatically synthesized ideas to cope with the challenges of work and life. It’s a valuable handbook for those who want to thrive at the workplace or excel in their entrepreneurial journey where the book goes beyond the professional gamut and is effectively applied to everyday life as well. The book in one way or other inspires people to lead their professional lives happily.

Mukesh Sud book
Authors Mukesh Sud and Priyank Narayan

“Life works in certain ways where its course of action cannot be ascertained beforehand. Dedicating my entire life to academia and my experience as an entrepreneur, I identified the subtle connection between work and life, which we have captured in the book. Leapfrog will help people thrive in their professional and personal life,” says Sud.

“Given that our book does not belong to the conventional fictional genre, we decided to adopt an anecdotal style driving inspiration from our real-time classroom conversations and moulded it into story-telling form, to stimulate the interest of the readers. Leapfrog is an easy read, and everyone can benefit from the intelligible insights,” adds Narayan.

Says Ashish Dhawan, Founding Chairperson of Ashoka University, “The book has a great amalgamation of real-life experiences and behavioural science theories strung together beautifully by Narayan and Sud. Leapfrog is the kind of book that resonates with everyone, no matter what position you hold in the corporate hierarchy. It teaches you grit & perseverance, two things that will definitely help readers from any walk of life.”


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