Mugdha Pradhan’s book talks about importance of Functional Nutrition

 Mugdha Pradhan’s book talks about importance of Functional Nutrition

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Functional Nutritionist Mugdha Pradhan, CEO & Founder, iThrive launched her book Health, Inc.: 10 real life stories that will make you question the entire modern healthcare system’ on 25 March, 2023 at The White House, Aundh, Pune.

The book has stories of 10 people, who, after years of suffering, underwent life-altering health improvements thanks to the power of functional nutrition. Pradhan begins by giving the reader a brief glimpse into her life’s journey, beginning with how she discovered early on that she had a natural aptitude for healing and assisting those around her; how she improved her health and her life after learning about functional medicine, and hw she then began using her knowledge to heal those around her. Each of the 10 stories is distinctive and includes extensive information about the client’s health and life history.

Talking about the book, Pradhan says, “This book is not only a story of the culmination of my own work until 2021, what excites me more are the stories of the people who took their health in their own hands and transformed inside out. I am glad that I have contributed in the field of health and been a minor catalyst for people choosing to not compromise with their lives. It gives me utter pleasure to have played a small role in their journey towards holistic health.”

Functional nutrition and medicine are the purest form of unadulterated medical research in practice available today. They are unfettered by the corrupting political and economic forces that have tarnished the present conventional medical system and led to an over reliance on pharmaceuticals.

In order to permanently reverse chronic health disorders that are difficult to treat, functional nutrition incorporates cutting-edge advanced medical testing. To heal patients holistically and restore their health, the treatments are drug-free and make use of everything from diet and lifestyle changes and therapies to plant-based medicines and detox programmes.



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