Life is the biggest motivation for me: Novoneel Chakraborty

 Life is the biggest motivation for me: Novoneel Chakraborty

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Blogger, screenwriter, bestselling author… Novoneel Chakraborty dons a number of hats at the same time though he says he loves being an author the most. With 10 novels and a collection of short stories such as The Stranger trilogy and Forever series to his credit, Chakraborty is often referred to as the Sidney Sheldon of India by his readers.

The Mumbai-based writer recently released The Best Couple Ever, the story about the changing face of heroism in our society and how something, doesn’t matter how frivolous and lame, if practiced by a lot of people in return for some quick fame, is hailed as the next aspirational thing. Apart from this, the novel touches upon a lot of important themes like closet chauvinism, sexism, women empowerment but all of it within the narrative of a thriller.

Apart from writing books, Chakraborty writes for works in Indian television and films and has penned stories for shows like Million Dollar Girl, Twist Wala Love and Secret Diaries for Channel V.

Excerpts from an interview with Chakraborty…

You are an author, a blogger, a screenwriter… Which role do you feel the most comfortable in and why?
I like every role but being an author (writing novels and blog) is my number one priority simply because of the freedom of telling a story the way you want to without any hindrance from anyone else. This my-way or highway isn’t possible during screenwriting unless you are producing and directing your own work.

How different is The Best Couple Ever from your earlier works?
The book is divided into two parts. Part 1 is signature me. In part 2, I’ve deliberately tried to change my style a little bit. Also, content wise, this is my first book which is the closest to the crime thriller genre.

How do you feel when you are referred to as the Sidney Sheldon of India?
I think tags are what readers give. I try to focus on my work and the stories I tell. If my readers think I’m like someone like the amazing Sidney Sheldon, I take it as a compliment. But I never take it too seriously.

The first time you felt the urge to express yourself through writing…
It was during my college years when plots and characters started happening to me and I couldn’t rest in peace till I wrote it out.

Who has been the most inspirational person in your life and why?
There have been few people (don’t want to name any) who have not only inspired me but taught me some valuable life lessons and whom I always look up to.

Who or what has influenced you and what were the motivations behind writing?
Life itself for me is the biggest motivation. And the urge to tell a story adds as a catalyst. Also, more than writing I love to think. I believe writing is only an expression. An eventuality and not an event in itself.

These days, the market is deluged with authors of all ages. How easy or difficult is it to achieve success amid so much competition?
It all depends what one is seeking. If one is seeking overnight success then it is a fallacy. Marketing is important as it gives one the exclusive visibility that we all need for our work. But at the end of it all the content as to touch hearts. I still believe the best form of marketing – especially in the book world – is the word of mouth. And for that one needs to have dollops of patience and faith in one’s work.

Ever struggled with a writer’s block?
Fortunately, not yet.

What is Novoneel Chakraborty doing when he is not writing?
Reading, watching movies or trying to seek out meaning in random stuff.

Favourite author(s)
Buddhadev Basu, Tagore, Bukowski.

Future plans…
Right now working on three books and a few web series.


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