Kindle India partners with JCB Prize for Literature

 Kindle India partners with JCB Prize for Literature

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Keeping in mind the impact of a global lockdown on the publishing industry, the JCB Prize for Literature has made an effort to balance the interests of both the industry and the readers by collaborating with Kindle India to make texts available at the maximum discount possible instead of making them available for free. The entire longlist of the JCB Prize for Literature from the past two years will be available at 40-70 per cent off till April 30. This initiative is an extension of The JCB Literature Foundation’s commitment to give back to the reading community, boost readership of books, and foster conversations around Fiction and the written word amid the trying times brought on by Covid-19.

“From a writer’s mind to your Kindle screen, a book passes through many hands. In these uncertain times, let us support those in the publishing industry – the printers, distributors, designers, editors and production personnel – who work so hard to bring a book to life. And most of all, let us support the writers whose words bring joy and hope to your homes,” shared Mita Kapur, Literary Director, The JCB Prize for Literature.


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