Kartikeya Ladha’s ‘Unherd’ is a tale of love, wisdom and strength

 Kartikeya Ladha’s ‘Unherd’ is a tale of love, wisdom and strength

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Goa-based author Kartikeya Ladha has come out with yet another book, Unherd – A Tale of Love, Wisdom, and Strength. The book reflects different changes our world has undergone over the last few decades, necessitating a break from consumerism and groupthink.

Unherd is a tale of loving and losing, of understanding the darkness and light within us, of travel and adventure, and of how life can surprise, inspire and encourage if you allow yourself to dance to the tunes of life. This book is not only meant to inspire but also to bring light to the many questions in the minds of countless people – What is our purpose in the world? What is the true meaning of being alive? What truly matters in life? How do I live a happy and fulfilled life? How do I overcome my darkness? How do I bring light to my life, to this world?

A successful author of two books, Dream Beyond Shadows and Life Unknown- A passage through India, Ladha is a spiritualist at heart though he doesn’t want to be bracketed in any category. 

Dream Beyond Shadows created a path for Kartikeya to encourage thousands to embrace creativity and courage in their lives, and to pursue self-discovery, while Life Unknown – A Passage through India, based on Kartikeya’s travels within India, takes readers even further into the deep unknown to face the darkness in life; to be able to recognise the ever-blazing light that shines within them.

Commenting on the launch, Ladha, says, This book is nearly a divine calling. Through all of these experiences, this story is not just about hope, but transcendence. It takes the readers through a revision of their own lives while making them realize that they can overcome their suffering and pain. Even though the human condition has us operating through the mediums of pain and suffering, we need not become a victim of the pain. Suffering can be put to an end. We have the option to live in love rather than fear. The story Unherd is about that choice.”

For full interview of the author visit LifeMorePlus on YouTube.


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