KARGIL VIJAY DIWAS Five audiobooks, podcasts that celebrate soldiers’ valour

 KARGIL VIJAY DIWAS Five audiobooks, podcasts that celebrate soldiers’ valour

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This year marks the 23rd year of Kargil Vijay Diwas, which is celebrated on July 26 every year to honour the valour and sacrifice of the soldiers who laid down their lives in the line of duty during the Kargil War. What better way to rekindle the patriotic spirit and commemorate the day of bravery than by listening to a specially curated list of Audible titles:

Kargil: Untold Stories from the War:
Written by Rachna Bisht Rawat; Narrated by Mary Joseph

In this audiobook, author Rachna Bisht Rawat takes you through stories of extraordinary human courage of men in uniform and those who loved them the most. With its stories of grit and incomparable bravery, Kargil: Untold Stories from the War is a tribute to the 527 young braves who gave up their lives for us – and the many who were ready to do it..

Kargil: From Surprise to Victory:
Written by General V.P. Malik; Narrated by Siddhanta Pinto

A definitive account of the 1999 Kargil War – the strategy, the effects, the heroism – from the man in charge, this audiobook takes you through one of the toughest wars our country has ever faced. This story is a reminder of the unparalleled heroism that has become a benchmark for bravery.

Tiger of Drass: Capt. Anuj Nayyar, 23, Kargil Hero:
Written by Meena Nayyar, Himmat Singh Shekhawat; Narrated by Suyash Mohan

This audiobook takes us through the first-hand account of Capt. Anuj Nayyar and the men of 17 Jat, who went on various reconnaissance missions in the boulder-strewn Drass sector where enemy troops had set up base. It encapsulates the relentless and gruesome battle of the battalions who fought for two nights in July before securing the peak that was critical to the success of Operation Vijay and India’s victory in Kargil.

Kahani Kargil Ki:
Written by Audiomatic.in; Narrated by Shahnawaz Pradhan

An adaptation from the book Kargil: From Surprise to Victory by General VP Malik, this Audible original reminisces the first-hand account of events of the Kargil war of 1999. It highlights the bravery of the Indian forces and the strategy behind their decisive victory in a war that had the world’s attention.

Full Spectrum: India’s Wars, 1972-2020
Written by Arjun Subramaniam; Narrated by Surjan Singh

In this Audible Original, Air Vice Marshal Arjun Subramaniam takes you on a detailed account of how the armed forces have dealt with military conflicts, insurgencies, and unconventional warfare from 1972 to the present day.

So plug in your headphones and start listening to these titles this Kargil Vijay Diwas and remember the valiant heroes from India.


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