A great believer in power of stories, relevance and insights

 A great believer in power of stories, relevance and insights

With the help of interesting anecdotes and case studies, Jay Kumar Hariharan in his book, Rewire: How To Be The Leader Of Your Own Life (Body & Soul Books, An imprint of Leadstart Publishing; Rs 299), touches upon key subjects of corporate culture and how leaders can sail through conflicts keeping this healthy culture intact, highlighting the need to laugh to lead better, how do leaders deal with adversity and the art and need for storytelling to lead better.
Hariharan, an executive coach, worked with CEOs and their direct reports in various organisations across India, Southeast Asia and the US. With over 1,500 coaching hours spread over more than 100 clients, he is a multi-talented person and is certified deep sea advanced open water diver and a P1 level paraglider.
In an email interaction with Saurabh Tankha, Hariharan says it was his father who influenced him a lot as he believed in the goodness of people and inspired him to become a student for life. He answered a few other questions too…

How and when did you decide of penning this book?
I had always maintained I had a book in me. I just didn’t realise it would be so draining and energising at the same time. I have always been a great believer in the power of stories, relevance and insights. It was natural for me to speak in the same language.

How much time did it take you to complete the book?
About a year to write and another eight months to get published.

What makes you say that “one is meant to become the best version of oneself” and that it is our dharma?
Virtually no one I have met wanted to regress to an earlier stage of life, success, happiness. Everyone is trying to get better at some part of their life and hence, constant growth and evolution is what you owe to yourself. 

Jay Kumar Hariharan

With your experience as an executive coach, how, according to you, does one win at life?
Well, we can agree we all can go get better at managing stress, investing in oneself, building a heart first approach, having a great network of deep and nourishing relationships and practicing the art of letting go. Consistent practice will bridge the gap between ‘knowing’ and ‘doing’.

How do you change the path of life?
Ask the right questions, make the right decisions, seek baby wins, surround yourself with accountability partners but the muscle into work consistently. 

Does everyone have the ability and capability of becoming a leader?
As long as they are willing to learn and push themselves — sure, why not!

Is there a successful formula to lead a happy and healthy life?
Everyone has a different path. You need to invest time and energy to figure out your own path to the top of the peak.

What does it take to be good storyteller?
Skills and practice.

Share something about your family
I am blessed with two sons — Shlok and Hriday. My wife Kapila works for an org that helps companies understand and practice, Diversity and Inclusion.


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