‘Happyness: Life Lessons From A Creative Addict’ advises you to grab Happyness with both hands

 ‘Happyness: Life Lessons From A Creative Addict’ advises you to grab Happyness with both hands

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When you are ranked 122 out of 155 and that too globally then there is something wrong somewhere big time and there is nothing to feel happy or cheerful about. So has been the case with India as the country’s happiness levels dropped by 0.839 points on a scale of 2.7, according to the UN World Happiness Report 2017. And why India alone? Globally too, UN research reports suggest that one in every four adults is unhappy today due to mental issues relating to depression and anxiety. The UN has been publishing World Happiness Reports for the past five years and March 20 has been marked as the International Day of Happiness.

So, if you want to lead a happier life, grab a copy of the just-released book, Happyness: Life Lessons From A Creative Addict, by Dr Yusuf Merchant. Founder and president of Drug Abuse Information, Rehabilitation and Research Centre (DAIRRC) and an affiliate member of the United Nations Economic and Social Council, Dr Merchant’s book focusses on easily implementable life-changing tools for people wanting to lead happier lives and represents the culmination of his experiences, both as a man and as one of the leading behavioural therapists in the world.


“I have, through my suffering, developed a handy life changing formula that has worked for me, for the recovering addicts I live with, and their families. This book is an endeavour to reach out beyond my circle of influence,” shared Dr Merchant who maintains that happiness is a choice and a process derived by a good value system and not merely an outcome. Concepts such as belief, gratitude, imagination, visualisation, love and awareness are described in detail to arrive towards happiness, in his book.

The book launch, at Social in Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi, was graced by Prof Dinesh Singh (ex-VC of Delhi University), Jagbir Singh (ex-hockey captain of India), Riyaaz Amlani (CEO-MD, Impresario Entertainment & Hospitality), Arjun Nath (author and legal expert) Karthika VK (publisher, Westland-Amazon books), Kriti Monga (artist and graphic designer) and Nilanjana S Roy (author-publicist).


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