‘Environment is a dynamic part of each of us’

 ‘Environment is a dynamic part of each of us’

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Want to know about Indian conservationists who are working in diverse ways to save the world from human destructiveness, often facing seemingly insurmountable odds? People like Romulus Whitaker, Parineeta Dandekar, Rohan Arthur, Vidya Athreya, Aparajita Datta, Jay Mazoomdaar, Minal Pathak, Rohan Chakravarty, Kavitha Kuruganti and Laxmi Kamble who are striving to solve the most pressing problems on this planet — from climate change to habitat degradation, and from food insecurity to species loss.

If you do, then wait for a day more as Duckbill Books will release the e-book, 10 INDIAN CHAMPIONS WHO ARE FIGHTING TO SAVE THE PLANET by Bijal Vachharajani and Radha Rangarajan on World Environment Day (June 05) tomorrow.

In the introduction of the book, the authors write: “What we want this book to establish is that the environment is not the other — it’s a dynamic part of each of us, and we are a part of the environment. And we hope that this book shows that there are different ways to champion wildlife and nature — it can be the simple act of writing a letter to actively working in the field, to volunteering for a tiger census or examining the life cycle of a butterfly in your garden, to drawing stories about our planet, to filing a Public Interest Litigation about an environmental issue that directly impacts you (children are doing this all over the world, including India).”


WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY SPECIAL: Authors Bijal Vachharajani and Radha Rangarajan talk about working for environment, ways to get kids closer to Nature and finalising the 10 names for the book


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