‘Treasure Quest Within A Number 4 Success’ reveals the magic of numerology

 ‘Treasure Quest Within A Number 4 Success’ reveals the magic of numerology

Iskcon Temple monk Prabhuji Nityanand Charan Das with Dr Divya Malhotra at the book release

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In a world where authenticity and purposefulness are increasingly sought-after, the ancient art of numerology continues to be a beacon of guidance. Treasure Quest Within A number 4 success, the debut book by numerologist Dr Divya Malhotra was released yesterday in presence of Iskcon Temple monk, Prabhuji Nityanand Charan Das.

With the book, Dr Malhotra invites readers to embark on a journey to ‘Craft a path to success using simple remedies derived from years of study and research in the field of Numerology.’ Drawing from 17 years of dedicated study, research, and practical application, she has meticulously crafted these straightforward yet transformative remedies. When consistently practiced with the right intent, these remedies have the potential to bring about noticeable changes in both personal and professional life.

The book introduces an eccentric concept of ‘GST,’ a.k.a ‘Gyan of Secret Talent,’ where one’s birth date reveals the celestial talents accumulated over multiple lifetimes. By tapping into the power of one’s GST and incorporating it into daily life, happiness and prosperity become attainable. “Treasure Quest Within A number 4 success” follows a simple 80-20 rule: 80 per cent dedicated to Numerology remedies and 20 per cent to self-dedication. This unique blend offers readers a secret recipe for tangible improvements in their personal and professional lives.

Dr Malhotra, a Delhi resident, has nurtured a lifelong fascination with the celestial wonders of planets, stars, and the moon. Her unwavering commitment to daily research ignites her passion for learning and venturing into new realms of knowledge. Challenges are her constant companions, propelling her towards gaining fresh insights about the world we inhabit. This profound connection with the Universe has been with her since her childhood, when she surreptitiously immersed herself in occultism books at her father’s store. Her ultimate dream is to ensure her book reaches every corner of the Earth.

“In the realm of numbers, I discovered the map to unlock the boundless potential within us. Life’s challenges are but stepping stones to our hidden treasures. With unwavering belief and a thirst for knowledge, we embark on a quest that transforms obstacles into opportunities. In my journey, I’ve witnessed the profound alchemy of numbers, how they whisper secrets that transcend time,” she says.

Treasure Quest Within A number 4 success is a guide to unravel your own story. It’s a reminder that amidst the chaos of existence, we hold the key to our destiny. “Through this book, I encourage everyone to decipher their life’s direction, and set forth on a voyage where each digit becomes a guiding light of optimism, every computation propels us toward our aspirations, and every instant stands as proof of their unwavering determination. Remember, you are the author of your own story, and each number is a chapter waiting to be written,” she added.

Sharing his views on the world of numerology, Guest of honor Prabhuji Nityanand Charan Das said, “In our pursuit of life’s treasures, we often overlook the wealth within ourselves. Treasure Quest Within A Number 4 Success reminds us that true riches come from self-understanding. Through the language of numbers, Dr. Malhotra guides us to decode the universe’s messages and unearth our hidden potentials. Embracing this knowledge is the key to realizing our dreams and becoming our best selves. Her work is not just about numerology; it’s about unlocking the magic within each of us. This journey underscores the power of self-belief, and I’m honored to be a part of it.”


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