An inside look into the world of glamour

 An inside look into the world of glamour

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Veteran actor, newscaster, columnist and casting director Dolly Thakore who has had a long innings in advertising, communications and public relations, has come out with her memoir Regrets, None. The book, co-authored with writer & theatre director Arghya Lahiri will hit the shelves on Sept 5.

Written with wit, humour and candour, Regrets, None is a rare memoir that is unafraid to bare it all. It follows Thakore’s life and career – growing up in Delhi and an assortment of Air Force stations, getting her start in theatre in college, her time in London, involvement with social issues, casting for Gandhi and filming it across India, working in radio, television and advertising while returning always to her first love, theatre.

The writer brings alive another era – the glitz, the glamour as also the struggles she faced in the book. She speaks candidly about love, sex, infidelity, motherhood, commitment, the ecstasy and the heartbreaks, emerging as a true-blooded embodiment of what it means to be a strong, empowered, vulnerable and courageous woman.

Talking about the book, Thakore says, “My life is an open book. I have always shared my choices and decisions with a head held high. It feels wonderful that my life has found its way onto the page. It’s taken me eight decades of living, forty years of sifting through memories, and finally Arghya Lahiri, to distill it all into a book.”

Regrets, None is a memoir the likes of which are rare. It tells of a woman who takes whatever life throws at her on the chin, and draws from her inner strength, skill and resourcefulness at every point to forge her own unique path,” says Swati Chopra, Executive Editor, HarperCollins India, adding that it is an unfailingly human and humane narrative.



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