‘Sugar Free Sweets’ offers recipes for diabetic & those who want to lose weight

 ‘Sugar Free Sweets’ offers recipes for diabetic & those who want to lose weight

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Dr Aparna Govil Bhasker (Bariatric surgeon and Author) and Ms. Mariam Lakdawala (Registered Dietician) have introduced a cookbook titled, Sugar Free Sweets (Notion Press). The recipes can be used by patients with diabetes and obesity for guilt-free indulgence. It can also be used by anyone who wishes to lose weight or wishes to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Most people cannot resist their favourite dessert, be it a scoop of ice cream or any other delectable confection. However, refined sugar has attracted a lot of negative attention for quite some time now. Refined sugar is an empty-calorie food, that is potentially addictive and has no nutritional value.

“Today, elevated sugar content is one of the main contributors to the growing epidemic of weight gain and obesity. Obesity, as we know, is closely linked to type 2 diabetes and is the harbinger of multiple other chronic diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, PCOS, dyslipidemia, and so on. Obesity and diabetes, together are complex, chronic health conditions that are very difficult to treat. In a world where sugary indulgences have become ubiquitous, the importance of conscious and healthier eating cannot be overlooked. As healthcare professionals dealing with the management of obesity, one of our biggest challenges is getting our patients to cut down on their sugar intake. One of the reasons for this is the unavailability of healthier alternatives in the market. Even the so-called healthier alternatives may have high hidden sugar content. This has been a major point of discussion in the recent past,” said Dr Aparna Govil Bhasker a renowned bariatric surgeon from Mumbai and author of the book.

Dr. Bhasker added, “Sugar-free sweets is a captivating collection of recipes that explores the delightful realm of healthy sweet options and helps to experience the transformative benefits of healthy living. The book not only promises to tantalize taste buds but also empowers readers to make informed decisions about their dietary choices. This book is an effort towards bringing about awareness towards healthy living and creating a resource that provides alternatives for healthier sweet options. This is a thoughtfully curated collection that offers a wide array of delectable, nutrient-rich sugar-free sweet recipes contributed by expert nutritionists.”

“If you have a sweet tooth, this recipe book is just the thing that you need for guilt-free indulgence. Embrace the sweetness of life and embark on a transformational journey towards better health and joyful living with this remarkable guide,” said Ms. Mariam Lakdawala who is a leading bariatric nutritionist.

A few points that go in favour of this book are:

Culinary expertise meets nutrition wisdom: All recipes in this book have been contributed by expert nutritionists and healthcare professionals who possess deep knowledge about the science of food and its impact on health.

Sugar-free, not flavour-free: This is one of the few healthy recipe books that will appeal to the Indian taste and palate. Many of these recipes are embedded with richness of natural flavours making it hard to believe that there is no refined sugar in them.

Variety and versatility: This delectable assortment of sweets is very versatile. It contains not only a variety of Indian sweets but also has many options for healthy bakery products and ice creams.

Health-conscious indulgence: The contributing nutrition experts have carefully curated recipes that include nutrient-dense ingredients with macro-nutrient calculation for every recipe. This provides readers to experience the pleasure of indulgence without feeling guilty about it.

Educational insights: The protein, fat, carbohydrate, and fibre content of every recipe is listed to help the readers make an educated choice. The recipes also mention the nutritional benefits.

Inspiring lifestyle modification: More than just a recipe book, this serves as a catalyst for embracing a healthier lifestyle. The recipes can be used by everyone who is working towards losing weight or wishes to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Positive impact on patients with diabetes and obesity: These recipes can be used by patients with diabetes and obesity for guilt-free indulgence.

Can be used by patients who have undergone bariatric surgery: Patients, who embrace a healthy lifestyle after bariatric surgery, tend to have better long-term results.


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