Coffee table book on spiritual art and prose released

 Coffee table book on spiritual art and prose released

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The Mystic and Her Colours, a unique coffee table book of award-winning art and lyrical prose by the mystic Pratiksha Apurv was launched by film director and producer Vishal Bhardwaj and his wife singer Rekha Bhardwaj.

The book is a compilation of spiritual artworks and text, earlier published in Speaking Tree (a Times of India weekly suppliment).

Speaking at the event, Vishal Bhardwaj said: “I never knew that spirituality can be painted. I always thought that spirituality was an inherent expression. To give such a tone to spirituality that cannot be expressed in words is very special. The silence that comes out can only be felt and not expressed.”

“Music too, I think, is one step short of silence. In fact, all the fine arts be it music, painting or poetry lead to silence, nothingness and this book is representative of all. It is poetic, it is musical and it is art or painting on the surface, a combination of all three,” he added.

“The book is too beautiful. I have no words to explain. It’s to be observed and absorbed. I understand from Pratiksha that she listens to Osho’s discourses and prepares herself to start the painting. Every painting is a journey by itself,” remarked Rekha Bhardwaj.

The Mystic and her Colours                      Pages: 136, Price: Rs 1499                              Published by Times Group Books

The Mystic and Her Colours is a collection of award-winning, meditative artworks of artist-cum-author Pratiksha Apurv. It is soaked in her uncle, Osho’s vision, and allows readers to witness the oneness of existence. Her paintings are complemented by lyrical prose, explaining and elaborating upon the themes and subtle nuances of her paintings.

Without any baggage of pre-conceived notions and doctrines, this first-of-its-kind coffee-table book combines two genres – painting and writing – to explain a radically new vision for individual growth. It also helps in redefining various dimensions of the spiritual path and the sutras of consciousness, for a joyful life that unfolds each and every moment, in the here and now. Her paintings illustrate pure emptiness, a state of no-mind, and her words penetrate the innermost core of being, creating a synthesis between the inner and outer worlds. Pratiksha’s works showcase her quest for truth and the journey she has undertaken to know herself.

Each painting blossoms like a flower, and Pratiskha’s words illumine like a magical lamp, shedding gentle light on the mystical aspects of her paintings – an expression of deep gratitude to Osho, her beloved uncle and spiritual master. Osho had held her tiny little hands in childhood and guided her for the journey ahead, and, had thereby, sowed the very seeds for this book.


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