Richa Sahu & Aditi Balbir join hands to bring out ‘Election Fever’

 Richa Sahu & Aditi Balbir join hands to bring out ‘Election Fever’

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Author Richa Sahu and entrepreneur-cum-illustrator Aditi Balbir have together created a children’s series book Election Fever. While Richa has written the story, Aditi has done the illustration work.

The book centres around a Class 6 student Neelakshi aka Nili. Being the tallest girl in the class, she is as conscious of her height as she is of her name.

Talking about the book, Richa said, “I hope children will enjoy and learn as much from the books in this series. Election Fever (Petals Publishers, Rs 225) is the first book of the series that chronicles the adventures of Nili, often referred to as “Silly Nili” by her classmates due to her penchant for getting into trouble.”

Aditi, for whom this is the first effort at book illustration, said, “It’s been immensely gratifying to think up characters as Richa’s storyline took shape, especially in the Indian context. Hoping that the children enjoy it as much as I did while making them up!.”




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