Ramayana on Audible

 Ramayana on Audible

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If there’s one thing that is synonymous with the tradition of storytelling in India, it’s the rich culture of mythological epics we’ve all grown up listening to or watching. In this vein, Audible, one of the world’s largest producer and provider of original spoken-word entertainment and audiobooks is presenting Many Ramayanas & Many Lessons by India’s best-selling mythological fiction author Anand Neelakantan.

The audiobook is exclusively available on Audible in both Hindi and English languages. Spread across 29 episodes, it is an attempt to introduce different versions of this great epic and draw enduring lessons for audiences of all ages. The story is told in chronological order, with each episode featuring different Greats like Sage Valmiki, the Lord Rama, Sage Vishwamitra, Sita, Bharata individually.

Many Ramayanas & Many Lessons has been narrated by Manish Dongardive and the Hindi version titled Ramayana- Anek Kathayein, Anek Sandarbh has been narrated by Babla Kochhar. The audiobook is available free of cost for all Audible members.

“The Ramayana is one of India’s greatest epics and forms an integral part of our tradition of storytelling. Across Asia, there are close to 300 forms of the Ramayana that are known to exist, including the popular version by Valmiki. Through Many Ramayanas & Many Lessons, I have attempted to create an immersive storytelling experience with different versions of the Ramayana to familiarise audiences with alternative theories and approaches that exist in various other cultures,” says Neelakantan.

Says Shailesh Sawlani, Country Head, Audible India, “Ramayana is a well-known, popular Indian mythological epic. Audible is excited to bring Neelakantan’s version of the epic in English and Hindi languages to our members. I hope listeners enjoy this timeless tale while spending screen- free time with family or catching up on their household chores.”


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