Audible launches over 100 free audiobooks on Alexa

 Audible launches over 100 free audiobooks on Alexa

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With the aim of making the audio experience accessible to even more listeners, Audible (an Amazon company and a leading global provider of spoken-word entertainment) has launched over 100 audiobooks completely free of cost on Alexa, which can be accessed on the Amazon Echo and Fire TV range and other Alexa built-in devices.

This new offering on Alexa allows for a seamless, hands-free experience to customers while switching from one device to another so they can continue where they paused on one device, like an Android/iOS app and pick it up seamlessly on another Alexa device.

By simply asking “Alexa, what’s free from Audible?” in English or “Alexa, Audible में क्या फ्री है?”  in Hindi, users will be directed to Audible’s catalogue of free titles on Alexa. Users can also listen to a specific title that’s part of this offering by saying “Alexa, Readname of audiobook” or “Alexa, [booktitle] पढ़ो”.



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