Coffee Table Book on arts and health released

 Coffee Table Book on arts and health released

Dr. Vijay Panikar, Dr. Rajiv Kovil, Mr. Vikrant Shrotriya and Mr. Vijay Kedia

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Rang De Neela proudly presents the inaugural edition of Art Prescription, a captivating Coffee Table Book that explores the dynamic intersection of arts and health. Curated by Dr Rajiv Kovil, a distinguished preventive medicine expert, and Dr Ami Shah, co-founder of the Rang De Neela initiative, alongside a team of over 30 dedicated doctors, this vibrant compilation promises to inspire and enlighten readers on the transformative power of artistic expression.

Art Prescription

Within the pages of Art Prescription, you’ll find a year-long companion blending artistic expression, scientific insights, and practical advice. Each page bursts with vibrant strokes, enlightening facts, and uplifting stories of individuals using art for prevention and illness management.

With a focus on diverse art forms, including India’s rich folk and tribal arts, Art Prescription explores the profound impact of art on preventive healthcare and holistic wellness. Three compelling photo essays by prominent healthcare practitioners, alongside inspiring journeys of entrepreneurs and art therapists, further enrich the narrative, showcasing the transformative power of arts in community settings.

Says Dr Rajiv Kovil, Diabetologist, Chairperson at Zandra Healthcare, Co-founder of the Rang De Neela initiative, “Begin your exploration with Christopher Bailey of the WHO, who unveils compelling research on art’s therapeutic prowess. Through engaging narratives, discover how art becomes a potent tool in averting disease. Available on Amazon, it’s easily accessible for those seeking creative avenues to stave off non-communicable diseases. Explore various art forms—painting, music, dance—and uncover their wellness benefits. Go beyond mere instruction, embarking on a personal journey of self-discovery.”

Delve into art’s impact on diseases like cardiovascular issues and mental health disorders. Learn how simple acts like painting or attending art therapy sessions can mitigate risks, empowering you to take control of your health. Discover practical tips for incorporating art into your busy schedule. Dr. Kovil addresses time constraints, offering solutions from quick exercises to mindfulness practices.

Adds Dr Ami Shah, Co-founder of Zandra Healthcare and Co-founder of the Rang De Neela Initiative. “Art Prescription is not just a book; it’s a celebration of artistic expression’s profound impact on society’s well-being—a testament to the vibrant partnership between arts and health, while paying homage to India’s diverse cultural heritage.


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