Day: May 24, 2024


IIT Roorkee’s BhuDEV app gives early earthquake warning

Team L&M The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee and the Government of Uttarakhand have jointly come out with the cutting-edge Earthquake Early Warning App, BhuDEV. Developed by IIT Roorkee’s leading experts, BhuDEV represents a significant milestone in leveraging technology to ensure the safety and resilience of Uttarakhand’s residents in the face of seismic threats. […]Read More


Top 5 Candlestick patterns to become a pro trader

Team L&M Candlestick patterns are rooted in centuries-old Japanese technical analysis. It represents price movements on a candlestick chart. Each ‘candlestick’ symbolises the price action of a security, currency, or derivative for a specific period. In this article, we will cover the top 5 candlestick patterns for becoming a pro trader. 5 Best Candlestick Patterns […]Read More


Mamallapuram: Period of Transition

Benoy K Behl The 7th and 8th centuries at Mamallapuram are a remarkable time. The humanistic and naturalistic qualities of ancient art are continued here in the rock-cut sculpture. At the same time, we see here the beginning of structural temples. At Mamallapuram, we also see the start of royal patronage of temple-building and the […]Read More

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