Now, stun your attacker with a pen

 Now, stun your attacker with a pen

Team L&M

We have had pepper sprays, stun guns and batons for self-defense. And now comes UZI Defender Tactical Pens from William Penn from renowned Israel brand that specialises in making instruments for self-defense (used and trusted by the army, secret service and special forces). These pens, specially designed for women to use in emergencies, have never-before-seen features like ‘glass breakers’ (to use in the event of being locked in a car or taxicab); DNA catchers (where the assailants’ DNA can be captured on the pen); apart from LED keys and handcuff keys. Made of lightweight titanium and aircraft aluminium, some of the toughest materials known to man, they last a lifetime and write beautifully too. You can choose from Tactical glass breaker pen (grey), Tactical LED pen (black) and Tactical glass breaker pen (grey).

The features include an ultra-durable carbide tip glass breaker and built-in cuff key, compatible with standard and Fisher Space Pen refills and a striking point.
Price Rs 2,200 onwards
Available at and all 31 William Penn stores



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