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Sustainable solutions for discarding EV batteries and electronic waste

Dr Harpreet Singh Arora Technology has grown essential as advancements in communication and healthcare improve our lives. Modern convenience and connection have been completely transformed by innovations such as cell phones, smart home appliances, and high-speed internet. Furthermore, advancements in the fields of education, healthcare, and transportation have produced better results in these areas. But […]Read More


WORLD SEXUAL HEALTH DAY: Medibuddy reports 61% rise in andrology

Team L&M Leading an unhealthy lifestyle has its own perils which often leads to multiple ailments, especially in context to sexual health. Digital healthcare platform Medibuddy has reported an alarming increase of over 61 per cent in consultations related to andrological issues. Andrology is the medical specialty that deals with male health, particularly relating to […]Read More


Time for a wake-up call

Dr Arun Kumar Giri Tobacco consumption remains one of the leading causes of death worldwide, claiming about six million lives each year. The World Health Organisation (WHO) expects the figure to reach eight million a year by 2030. Tobacco usage has an overall impact on national economies with declining productivity and inflating healthcare costs. The […]Read More

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