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Labhanshu Sharma: A wrestler with a message of peace

Saurabh Tankha Have you ever wondered why the maximum number of wrestlers come from the state of Haryana? If wrestler and world peace activist Labhanshu Sharma is to be believed, it happens not only because the denizens of northern state are stronger genetically. Also, they own cattle that gets them easy access to quality milk-ghee-curd […]Read More

Have we learnt our lessons after Kerala floods?

Rajkumari Sharma Tankha If you destroy nature, nature will destroy you… There is no denying this fact. Every year, we have one or the other natural calamity: an earthquake, a landslide, a cloud burst or a flood more severe than the previous one leading to a massive loss of life and property but man in […]Read More

Head to Family In The Hills this summer

Saurabh Tankha Summers are almost round-the-corner and so are the vacations of kids. This means it is the time of the year when you begin planning for a trip to the hills to as they say “get away from the maddening crowd” for a few days. Though for a limited period, such a trip does […]Read More