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Witness Weaving Labyrinths at Triveni till May 31

Twenty two-year-old artist Nandini Hasija has put up her first Solo Exhibition, Weaving Labyrinths, at the Triveni Gallery, Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi. The exhibition , open till May 31, is an autobiographical journey that attempts to explore her identity based on the relationship she has with her adoptive mother. As Nandini says, “My biological […]Read More

Home remedies for delayed menstruation

Team L&M Any delay in menstrual periods not only affects a female physiologically but psychologically as well. But there are certain food items which, taken regularly, help overcome the problem of delayed menstruation. But, in case your problem is chronic, you MUST visit a gynaecologist. Asafoetida/heeng Add half a teaspoon of heeng in each vegetable […]Read More