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Top 5 Human Capital Management solutions providers for 2023

Team L&M The workforce is currently becoming more digitalized as the trend towards hybrid working models gains traction. HR managers are looking to technology for assistance with everything from hiring to preserving employee engagement to ensuring retirement goes smoothly. Businesses must make the necessary HCM software investments in order to improve productivity, cost-effectiveness, and employee […]Read More


How technology helps manage HR space

Sumit Sabharwal The way we work, where we work, who we work with, why we work, and the technologies we employ are constantly evolving as we advance into the post-pandemic workplace. A lot of these adjustments began before the pandemic, were expedited by it, and are now indelible features of the workplace. Numerous trends in […]Read More


TOP 5 Traits of a future ready HRtech software

Sumit Sabharwal In order to provide organisations with the best human capital and achieve the best results, human resource management (HR) deals with people. It must also ensure that employees have a better working environment. As we deal with the effect of post-pandemic, businesses are embracing the idea of remote labour more and more. Furthermore, […]Read More


Innovative ways CHROs have identified to boost employee engagement

Team L&M Healthy employee engagement has become a critical aspect for corporations in today’s time, especially after the much-loved work from home period. Transparency, effective communication, positive relationships and flourishing work culture are key metrics that need to be considered by CHROs in order to build teams and attract/ retain employees. Government bodies have taken […]Read More

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