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Insights into the new Covid19 variant

Dr Sapna Yadav The current JN.1 strain is variant of OMICRON strain of COVID 19.Although it spreads more easily but it causes milder illness in majority individuals. Prevention is the most effective way to deal, hand hygiene, use of mask and appropriate vaccination is the key. The new-covid19 variant shares similarities with previous Omicron strains […]Read More


NATIONAL CANCER AWARENESS DAY Early detection is key to reducing

Dr Dinesh Pendharkar India’s cancer burden can be substantially reduced by educating people about the cancer-causing effects of tobacco, alcohol, and obesity, encouraging vaccination against cancer-causing viruses like HPV, and spreading awareness about spotting signs of cancer early. Cancer currently afflicts about 45 lakh people in India. About 40-50% of cancer cases get diagnosed in […]Read More

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