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Rama, Shama, Kama

Ram… Rama…Ramayeti dominated the cultural eco system last month. With the official opening of the Ram lalla temple at Ayodhya, many artistes made a beeline to visit and have the chance to perform there. Was is to get political or media eyeballs or just sheer devotion, or both, only they can say. Each to own. […]Read More


She slept on behalf of Lakshmana while he was in

Team L&M Your grandma would have narrated you innumerable stories from the two epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata, during your childhood days. But do you recall her telling you one about a character from Ramayana who slept for 14 years. No, we are not talking about demon king Ravana’s son, Kumbhakarna (famous for his never-ending sleep) […]Read More

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