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Know the factors behind menstruation twice a month

Dr Sirisha Mallamuri Menstruation, a natural and cyclical occurrence in a women’s life, typically happens once a month. However, in some cases, women may experience menstruation twice a month. This irregularity can be concerning and may warrant a closer look into the underlying factors contributing to this phenomenon. Experiencing menstruation twice a month can be a […]Read More


Survey reports 60% of women between 24 & 34 years

Team L&M Ayurveda FemTech brand Gynoveda recently conducted a Period Health Study. The survey saw responses from over three lakh women across the country in the age bracket of 18 to 45 years, who were categorised into three groups based on prevalence, severity and bodily changes. The first group included women with Menstrual Disorders, which constituted […]Read More

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