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A book that helps professionals develop new-age skills

Team L&M Author Rajesh Srivastava’s recently released book The 10 New Life-Changing Skills: Get Them & Get Ahead (Penguin Random House India), aims at helping readers develop new-age skills and prepares them for thinking and reflective jobs. Full of incredible insights, the book equips professionals with necessary skills such as creativity, problem-solving, innovation, and design […]Read More


Operation Sudarshan Chakra is based on India’s counter-terror operations

Team L&M Former Intelligence Bureau Officer Prabhakar Aloka (IPS 1986), who had a three-decade stint at Intelligence Bureau, the nation’s premier Intelligence agency has come up with Operation Sudarshan Chakra (Penguin Random House India), a gripping espionage thriller. The book is a sequel to Aloka’s earlier book Operation Haygreeva, and shares an insider’s expert view […]Read More

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