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In Hindu philosophy Moksha (deliverance from the cycle of birth and death) is the ultimate aim of life for those evolved. In dance like Odissi, there’s even an item in end called Moksha. Means, the end. For those still interested in artha ( material world or things) or kaam ( life -force for procreation or […]Read More


Young Odissi dancer Sakshi Kale to hold debut performance on

Guru Vijay Shanker Mumbai-based Odissi dancer Sakshi Kale is all set to make her debut as a professional Odissi dancer on July 2 at the Mysore Association auditorium, Matunga. The Manch Pravesh is organised by Nrityavan Odissi Academy, headed by accomplished Odissi exponent and mentor, Guru Mitali Raul. Sakshi has been passionately associated with Odissi […]Read More

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