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Dietary guidelines for reproductive health

Dr Sulbha Arora Proper nutrition serves as a foundation for fertility as the food we consume can have a big impact on our ability to conceive and it drastically influences both male and female reproductive health. With an informed dietary choice, individuals can improve their fertility potential and increase their chances of conceiving. Health Experts […]Read More


Importance of patient education in IVF treatment

Dr Sulbha Arora Understanding the significance of patient education in IVF treatment is crucial for individuals embarking on this journey. In a world filled with medical jargon and complex procedures, being properly informed about one’s fertility treatment empowers patients to make well-informed decisions throughout their IVF process. Patient education ensures that individuals have a clear […]Read More


Few insights into infertility incidence in India

Dr Sulbha Arora In a country where traditions, family values, and societal norms play a prime role in shaping lives, infertile women often face severe social stigma. Many women believe that they bear a higher responsibility for infertility than men, which puts them under greater psychological stress and more prone to suffering severe social consequences. […]Read More

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