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A maestro’s legacy: Celebrating the life and art of Krishen

Sunny Chandiramani With an illustrious career spanning several decades, Khanna’s artistic journey has been marked by a profound exploration of diverse themes, capturing the essence of Indian culture, history, and human experiences. On the occasion of his 98th birthday, we celebrate his remarkable oeuvre with a fascinating voyage through his life and the significant themes […]Read More


Realm III: Visual masterpieces from five Indian master artists

India is robust with festivities and celebrations all year round and is deeply rooted in cultural traditions, be it music, literature, performing or visual arts. Showcasing the works of five Indian master artists – Jamini Roy, Sakti Burman, Krishen Khanna, Paresh Maity and Thota Vaikuntam –the ongoing exhibition, Realm III, brings out elements of vibrancy […]Read More

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