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Soothing summer splendor from Darshika

Team L&M The latest summer menswear collection from Darshika, ‘Summer Splendour 2022’ features soft water colours and pastel shades setting the perfect mood for a bright and colourful time to come. Built on the foundation of nature and its motley of colours and bountiful flora, from soft pinks, whites and peaches to vibrant yellows, reds […]Read More


Kohinoor: A movie on stage

A Broadway style musical based on the facts around Kohinoor, the world’s most celebrated diamond The largest cut diamond in the world, the magnificent Kohinoor, is claimed to be weighing 105.6 carats (21.12 g) and one of the most priced part of the British Crown Jewels. If one wishes to see this world famous diamond, it is on public display […]Read More


‘If given more time, I would teach you how to

As the nation readies to celebrate yet another Independence Day, www.lifeandmore.in remembers freedom fighters who played an important role in helping us breathe in an independent nation. We begin with Khudiram Bose who was hanged on August 11, 1908 by the Britishers   Today, let us remember Khudiram Bose, one of the youngest freedom fighters […]Read More

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