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Values of human connection

Mukta Munshi They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. I think it is true in my case. In the early days of Covid-19, the situation was confusing, panicky, scary, tense and uncertain — all put together at once for everyone including us. We, personally, had so many questions — should we cancel […]Read More

Karnataka government joins hands with CropIn to boost productivity, digitise

Small-hold farmers, at large, are a neglected community in India as farming remains an unreliable sector. Especially so in today’s world where farmers have to battle climate change in the face of depleting natural resources. The agricultural sector needs technology disruption to boost productivity and adopt climate resilient farming for a sustainable tomorrow. Given the […]Read More

Need to provide freedom to teachers, principals of government schools

Saurabh Tankha In the race to admit more and more children in privately run, English-medium schools and orient them to a world of cut-throat competition and grades-based performance, the quality of education is suffering. Children, teachers and, of course, educational institutions themselves are constantly struggling to survive in such an atmosphere. However, while most schools play […]Read More

Life a challenge for the differently-abled: Nikhila

Team L&M Nikhila Chalamalasetty, a differently-abled girl from Andhra Pradesh, has come out with her own book, The Day I Started Flying. In the book, she talks about her disability, ups and downs she faced in her life and the stigmas she suffered besides raising the big question — Can disability really destroy all the […]Read More