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Start-Ups with innovative and sustainable business models

Team L&M Sustainability and environmental friendliness are now essential to our continued existence as a result of climate change breaking monthly temperature records and plastic pollution growing into a massive issue. People are starting to alter their purchasing patterns and are leaning toward cruelty-free goods produced with high-quality, sustainable materials that do not hurt the […]Read More


Why should women choose network marketing as a career

Kuldeep Singh In recent years, the development of Indian network marketing has fundamentally expanded. However, the worldwide economy is declining due to pandemic. Thus network marketing is here, with the silver lining, to play a significant part in economic growth. The network marketing industry is quite promising in terms of its earnings. Direct selling products […]Read More


Learning from mistakes, and excelling

Sukriti Tankha  The Biography of a Failed Venture is an account of learning from mistakes. It is the story of an Indian sports brand D:FY that Prashant Desai started in 2017, but couldn’t take it to success. In less than three years he lost everything he had earned in the three decades of his professional […]Read More

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