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A travelogue that features fascinating conversations

Team L&M Author Rajesh Talwar is back with his new book Where Elephants Danced And Dragons Flew: Travels Through Seven Asian Nations (Bridging Borders). Through the nine memorable essays in the book, Talwar brings alive the life and culture of seven countries he visited in Asia. In Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay, he discovers a stunning, […]Read More


Tales of love, poverty, crime, and passion

Team L&M Published by Bridging Borders, Trading Flesh In Tokyo, is a collection of nine short stories and a play by author Rajesh Talwar. The stories deal with love, poverty, crime, passion and various troubling social issues. The characters in the play are powerful non-humans who are familiar to all of us. We bring excerpts […]Read More


Life through diverse characters

Team L&M Richa Gupta’s new book The Jamun Tree and Other Stories (Bridging Borders), the fourth one by her, is also a reflection of life through diverse characters and stories ranging from an almost-human Jamun tree to a journalist looking for a scoop and an investigator resolving a mysterious murder. An anthology that dissects and […]Read More

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