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Bridging Hope: Addressing birth defects in India

Dr C Priyamvada Reddy Birth defects, encompassing structural, functional, and metabolic abnormalities present from birth, have emerged as a significant cause of infant mortality in developing countries, including India. Despite substantial reductions in overall infant mortality, birth defects contribute significantly to this issue, with 70 per cent being preventable through cost-effective community genetic services. There are […]Read More


Know the factors behind menstruation twice a month

Dr Sirisha Mallamuri Menstruation, a natural and cyclical occurrence in a women’s life, typically happens once a month. However, in some cases, women may experience menstruation twice a month. This irregularity can be concerning and may warrant a closer look into the underlying factors contributing to this phenomenon. Experiencing menstruation twice a month can be a […]Read More

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