Characters, traits and career — all through graphology

 Characters, traits and career — all through graphology

Pavan Badllani

Did you know decoding one’s handwriting helps us to understand the most powerful traits of an individual? In-depth illustration of Intricate personality traits of an individual like mindset, ambition, love life, strengths, weaknesses, finances, health issues, past, present, future, family life and social life all forms a part of beautiful science of graphology. These traits also state what kind of different careers are best suited for. Catch some of exciting and interesting facts about your handwriting as we unfold the beautiful science of graphology.

A small handwriting and a small signature indicates a person is more detailed as an individual and loves writing and sketching. So, writing books, journalism and fashion designing are the suitable professions for an individual. If a person has a large handwriting and a large signature, he/ she is like to be confident with your own set of ideas as an individual and have a flamboyant lifestyle. So, owning a business, entrepreneurship, leading a team or freelancing can be suitable.

The study of a handwriting and signature isn’t limited to forensic labs anymore; it can be used in personal and professional scenarios as well. For example, there are many employees who have illegible signatures which mean their signatures don’t have a lot of clarity. These people aren’t very good with their communication skills and aren’t likely to obey their superiors. They are prone to vices like smoking and drinking and if they do get addicted it’s very hard for them to give up this habit.

The slant of the signatures can be a telling factor about ambitious nature or deteriorating confidence of an individual. If the slant of the signature is moving upwards, a person is more likely to be ambitious by nature, dreams and expectations from life and optimism has no bounds. Similarly, if the slant the signature is moving downwards, a person is more likely to have the opposite characteristics wherein the ambition will be at an all-time low, dreams and expectations from life will keep falling and will be a victim of depression. There have been many instances, wherein people who have had downward slant signatures have contemplated self-existence and suicide or suicidal tendencies.

Signature and the size of a signature are a public trademark and brand positioning as an individual. So if you are someone who has a small signature; shy or introvert by nature, comfortable with a certain set of people and aren’t fond of huge parties and loud music, you prefer peaceful dinner conversations with smooth jazz music playing in the background.

And if you are someone that has a large signature, you have a larger than life personality, you are very social and extrovert in nature, comfortable with everyone, fond of large groups and parties. In fact, if a person who has larger signatures has charismatic personality.

The author is a celebrity graphologist, motivational speaker and personality development coach at Inspire Me


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