Wheeme 2020, your back massaging robot

 Wheeme 2020, your back massaging robot

Team L&M

Equipped with tilt sensor technology to avoid loss of grip and falling when held at an angle lesser than 45 degrees, the world’s first robotic massager containing three different settings, Milagrow Wheeme 2020 is here to get you relief from your back pains and strains. Operating with a rolling motion, Wheeme 2020 gently massages the back and is highly effective for people who experience backaches.

With businesses and people adapting to the new normal way of life amid the Covid-19 pandemic, India’s No.1 consumer robotics brand Milagrow has ventured into crowdfunding with the launch of its robotic back massager Wheeme 2020.

Price Rs 11,990 but with Milagrow leveraging crowdfunding to achieve a price breakthrough, available at Rs 2,990
Crowdfunding Opens for public for a week beginning May 19 and will be closed for online order on May 25
Available on www.milagrowhumantech.com


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