Reinvent, an ultra-thin dual slim phone for Rs 3,999

 Reinvent, an ultra-thin dual slim phone for Rs 3,999

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If you are among those mobile users who are on a lookout for sleeker and lightweight phones, your search ends here. E-commerce website, has launched of world’s sleekest GSM phone, Reinvent. This ultra-slim dual SIM phone is the perfect combination of design and style. It is an ideal choice for users who want an attractive and feature-rich phone as a second phone. This trendsetting mobile is made for technology lovers who are passionate about design.

Reinvent is made of genuine metal and high-quality dual gorilla glass. It comes with robust features such as a smart keypad for typing SMS, MP3 player with bluetooth and MicroSD card, FM radio, sound recording, calculator, alarm, calendar and loudspeaker. The phone’s GSM band supports 850/900/1800Mhz and supports both Nano and Micro SIMs. It has a memory of up to 1,000 contacts, a battery capacity of 500 maH and can also be put on flight mode when you want to enjoy some moments of peace.

This super sleek and stylish phone is an amalgamation of luxury and technology. It comes with measures 6.4mm, with 12 cm height and 4.4 cm width. This ultra-compact phone weighs just 6.8 mm and weighs just 80 grams. Reinvent can be paired with any smartphone (iOS and Android) via Bluetooth and comes with handsfree BT dialer. It supports 32 GB extendable memory, to keep all your data and music in one place. Besides English and Hindi, it also supports regional languages such as Punjabi, Tamil, and Gujarati. It is available in two classy colours – golden and black and is exclusively available in India on at Rs 3,999. As an introductory offer, buyers will get Rs 200 off on prepaid orders and Rs 200 cash back in Yerha wallet.


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