CSIR-IMTECH nod for AiRTH vSure antimicrobial air purifier

 CSIR-IMTECH nod for AiRTH vSure antimicrobial air purifier

AiRTH Founder Ravi Kaushik with the air purifier

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AiRTH’s vSure Antimicrobial Air Purifier has passed CSIR-IMTECH (CSIR- Institute of Microbial Technology) testing for its efficacy over black fungus. The study concluded that this product can entrap black fungus causing fungi species (Mucor hiemalis & Rhizopus oryzae), and kill it with 99.9 efficacy.

Though the black fungus cases, which came to light during the second wave of Covid19, have dialed down in India, its threat still persist. It can be caused by a number of factors like diabetes (especially uncontrolled diabetes), long-term use of steroids, weak or compromised immune system, prolonged stay in the ICU, and more.

“Viruses and fungi in the air have troubled us for generations, we wanted to create products that can have a complete check on them. Over the past years, we have conducted several purifier tests to examine its accuracy before selling them to the end customers. Representing IIT Bombay & IIT Kanpur and being a tech-driven and R&D-driven startup, we have meticulously developed our technology. After securing validation from the CSIR-NABL lab (prestigious national laboratory of the Government of India), our latest testing validation from the CSIR-IMTECH lab has added another feature in our cap of benchmarks that no other purifier company has achieved so far. Our multi-functional purifier can be installed in hospitals, homes, and offices to eliminate air pollutants and fungus, enabling Indians to breathe safely,” says Ravi Kaushik, Founder & CEO of AiRTH.


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