Cosmo Films’ 5th gen silicone softener is hydrophobic & effective on woven fabrics

 Cosmo Films’ 5th gen silicone softener is hydrophobic & effective on woven fabrics

Pankaj Poddar, CEO, Cosmo Films


Cosmo Speciality Chemicals has developed a 5th generation Silicone softener LOTOSIL BHB range which can be applied to any substrate like cotton, polyester and blends, etc. These are hydrophobic and based on block silicone chemistry.

“We have also developed silicone softeners for a set of four products in LOTOSIL BHB range which gives excellent inner softness with soft bouncy feel stable to shear force, high liquor TDS temperature and variation in pH. It is a hydrophobic softener based on block silicon chemistry,” says Anil Gaikwad, Business Head, Cosmo Speciality Chemicals.

Silicone softeners increase the quality of textile materials, particularly their handling. The term “handle” refers to the mechanical behavior of fabrics that have been subjected to low pressures similar to those experienced during garment production and usage. It is critical in this day and age for everyone, from youngsters to the elderly, regardless of gender, to have a soft feel and be amazed by the lightness and bulkiness of materials. In this day and age, comfort is a requirement of society.

There are four set of products in this range: LOTOSIL BHB1; LOTOSIL BHB; LOTOSIL BHB2L;  LOTOSIL BHB2P.

The basic features of LOTOSIL BHB ranges include excellent inner softness coupled with surface smoothness. These are soft and bouncy to handle, exhibit stability to shear forces, have high liquor TDS and temperature among others.

The substrate of this 5th generation silicone softener can be over-dyed without stripping after being finished with LOTOSIL BHB ranges, is easily miscible with water in all proportions, and is very effective on knits and woven fabrics. The product is also easily miscible with water in all proportions, suitable by exhaust and Pad application techniques.




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