TRENDS 2023 Sophistication & luxury set to rule interior design in India

 TRENDS 2023 Sophistication & luxury set to rule interior design in India

Meenu Agarwal

With nine days into the new year, lets take a look at the home design trends for 2023. Since a few years, people have been investing a lot of time and thinking on how their homes should look and feel. This involvement is only set to grow, as there is a greater understanding of the direct impact the environments we live in have on our moods and wellbeing. Luxury and sophistication are going to be very much a part of the interior design trends in India for the year 2023. However, it is not over-the-top grandness, but veers more towards a serene mood. Other trends include:

Soft contoured furniture
One of the most loved current interior design trends, softly curved furniture is expected to stay here, offering a warm embrace to its users. The rounded contours and soft edges suggest intimacy and a welcoming gesture. At MADS Creations, with our expertise in custom furniture, we have enjoyed introducing this trend into our latest projects and seen how much our clients have loved it. There’s a gentle, feminine quality to this kind of furniture that immediately puts one into a relaxed mood. Conviviality is the main focus in the way the seating is planned, leading to easy conversations among family members and guests.

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Statement Armchairs
They are the eye candy of a space, as just one piece can transform the atmosphere in a jiffy. Choose a flattering form and a bold upholstery, and you have an eye-catching statement piece that will attract all attention. A well-designed armchair is also what you need when you want to snuggle up with a cuppa or a book to enjoy a relaxed day at home. The armchair is also the best bet to keep up with the changing trends. Sometimes, all it takes is to refurbish the upholstery and you have a brand new style.


Natural stones
When we are seeking luxury and sophistication, can natural stones be left behind? They are the ultimate symbol of luxury and exclusivity, as nothing artificial can ever match their striking allure. No wonder they continue to be on top of trends for 2023. Think gorgeously veined marbles, exotic colours, translucent slabs, and earthy local stones, and imagine how you could enhance the richness of your interiors using them. The best part is, you could create some great-looking combinations and patterns using contrasting colours, or go for geometric inlays to evoke a captivating vibe.

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Bold patterns
No matter what year it is, a touch of flamboyance is always welcome. And what better way to do it than by adding some high-voltage patterns to your interiors? They allow you to impart drama to any space. Patterned flooring, stone inlays, wall panels and wallpapers offer a more permanent option of introducing patterns into your interiors. If you don’t want to go all out with the splash of patterns, go for smaller doses through upholstery, cushions and rugs. And of course, accessories like striped or checked photo frames, floral patterned vases, dinnerware, etc., are also simple, go-to options. They bring an invigorating boost of energy into the home.

Go for Gold
This is one trend that has been going strong for some years, and it shows no sign of fading away in the year 2023. Only the intensity of gold may vary from dull to high polish or antique. Gold finishes are a sure-fire way to add a surge of sophistication and lux appeal to any space. No wonder it has endured the test of time, literally, as well as metaphorically. Traditionally, gold has always been a part of opulent interiors, such as palaces and mansions of the aristocrats. What’s best, today, it is easier to introduce gold accents into your interiors than ever before. Custom furniture pieces with gold accents are available in any style you want. As also décor accessories finished in gold. You could also opt for golden frames for your artworks and photographs. Gold-rimmed dinnerware adds a touch of regality to your table. Or simply a touch of gold in your upholstery or cushions is also enough to do the magic.

Graceful Arches
New interior design trends indicate a preference for arched doors, doorways and windows, or arched mirrors and patterns on walls to inject an architectural flair into spaces, without the rigour of straight lines. Arches also soften the look of the interiors, and add a graceful appeal. Check out our kid’s room design where arches bring a subtle decorative element, while also being easy on the eyes.

Nature-inspired décor
Latest interior design trends confirm the continued allegiance to nature and its ways. The imprint of nature will be seen in the inspiration of the design, the form of furniture and textures ruling the interior scene. So interior design trends for 2023 will see an all-encompassing influence of nature leading to a blissful mélange of inspired design. Natural materials and textures that add a unique calming character to spaces, indoor greenery that brings an abundance of freshness and cheer into the interiors, will define our environments and our lives in a big way.

Spa-like relaxed spaces
The charming and laid back mood of spas has been popular in bathroom design for some years now. Why restrict it to bathrooms? Bring it into your living room, lounge area, bar and bedrooms as well. Design trends for 2023 are all about infusing the spaces with the serene atmosphere of the spas for a tranquil living. Peaceful muted palettes, furniture contours that are easy on the eye, beautifully planned soft lighting, dreamy textiles and natural materials help you evoke a relaxed sanctuary of your own. After all, at the end of the day, all we need is a stylish space that puts us completely at ease and nourishes us.

Meenu Agarwal, Founder-Principal Designer, MADS Creation


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