Time to focus on internal fitness along with external appearance

 Time to focus on internal fitness along with external appearance

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Tetley Green Tea Immune brought together actors Malaika Arora and Drashti Dhami, celebrated author and nutritionist Kavita Devgan and President, Packaged Beverages (India and South Asia), Tata Consumer Products Puneet Das for a virtual discussion on the need to feel #LagoBaaharSeFitAurAndarSeBhi.

Tetley Green Tea Immune is one of TATA Consumer Products’ key innovations in the wellness segment, brought out keeping the evolving consumer needs in mind. Green tea is mostly thought of as a hot beverage which may help you stay in shape. But this Tata product also comes with Vitamin C which helps support immunity. Rich in anti-oxidants, it helps cleanse the body from within and raise immunity.

“We are seeing an acceleration of health & wellness trend among consumers. Our campaign on Tetley Green Tea Immune, uses a visual devise of ‘Bubble’ to highlight the feeling of doubt/anxiousness that people feel about their fitness. With a holistic view of fitness, we want to burst this bubble of doubt in the minds of consumers as we highlight that being fit should not be limited to physicality but one must be fit internally too. We aim to encourage consumers to give equal importance to inner well being, instead of just focusing on physical appearance,” a Das, speaking at the meet.

Tetley Green Tea Immune

Commenting on her love for the Tetley Green Tea Immune Arora said,For me, internal fitness weighs over external appearance. I always urge people to opt for healthier choices and watch what you consume as part of your daily diet. Tetley Green Tea Immune is my go to drink between shoots or my meetings. I think it helps me detoxify my body from within and now with added Vitamin C it could be an enabler in feeling fit from the inside. ! Time to change our fitness goals to inner fitness goals.”

“We all have a tough lifestyle, accompanied with stress and strains, so we must take care of our internal fitness. I often drink this after my meals,” said Dhami.

“Inner wellness is far more important than our external appearance. The pandemic has taught us this lesson well. We need to include the right foods and nutrients in our diet on a daily basis. Vitamin C is known to support immunity, and antioxidant-rich foods help scavenging free radicals. That is why Tetley Green Tea Immune, rich in antioxidants and with added vitamin C is such a winning combination,” remarked Devgan.



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