High oxygen levels and clean lungs are your birth right!

 High oxygen levels and clean lungs are your birth right!

Jeevan Dhara exercises based on gravity biomechanics can help achieve it 


Sanjay Mittal

With Covid-19 causing death and disaster world over, the need for clean lungs and high oxygen levels has become a necessity as never before. Keeping this in mind, I have developed Jeevan Dhara, a set of exercises based on gravity biomechanics. The thrust is to make them so easy that everybody can do them and that too without any equipment. But why gravity biomechanics?

For lovers of science, gravity, like electromagnetism and nuclear forces, is a basic dimension on which creation is based. It impacts all aspects of our lives. The air which we breathe is a layer of gases suspended around the earth because of gravity; the atoms which make up our cells are influenced by gravity.

How our mind and body understands this huge force and harnesses the power for its wellbeing is something which fascinated me. Whenever I take my long walks and jogs and watch the trees and birds and see them in harmony with Nature, I wonder whether we human beings have forgotten what aerodynamics and gravity mean for our wellbeing. This quest drove me to invent exercises based on gravity biomechanics and the results have been excellent.

I now have a set of 25 Jeevan Dhara exercises which cover most aspects of life.

Jeevan Dhara 1 & 2 for preventing Covid-19.

These are simple exercises which will synchronise your breathing with gravity. Once this is done, an optimum level of oxygen is sucked in by your lungs and then distributed throughout your body by your arteries.

Attaining high levels and cleaning up lungs is the key to be safe in these times of the pandemic and you will certainly get this. It is very easy. The video on YouTube explains everything. You must watch it.

Still, I will try to put some steps in words

Jeevan Dhara 1 

a) Gravity is a natural phenomenon by which all things with mass or energy including planets, stars, galaxies, are attracted to one another. On Earth, gravity gives weight to physical objects. The biggest gravitational force for us is our attraction to the earth. So when we jump up, gravity gets us back to the Earth.

b) We will tune our respiratory system and blood circulation system with gravity to achieve the best breathing possible.

c) Do this exercise in standing posture. This way our entire body comes into play and oxygen saturation of all our cells takes place efficiently. So stand up with your legs about a foot apart and palms open.

d) As you breathe out, your body will sink just a bit because of the gravity pull of the earth on you. Your feet go down and fists close

e) Then you lift yourself up, counteracting this gravitational force to breathe in. Your palms open up. Your chest expands in 3 axis from inside and outside.

f) By repeating this movement, we create a gravity based rhythm while breathing in and breathing out.

g) This creates a suction and blowing movement inside the lungs. Since we are using the body end parts like palms, feet and your head, oxygen is sucked in all over your body very efficiently. And carbon dioxide is blown out from your body.


h) If you look at the diagram showing the lungs, the alveoli where air interacts with your blood take in oxygen into arteries and blow out carbon dioxide from the veins.

i) Do about 30 repetitions of this exercise and you will find your oxygen levels have gone up and are maintained at a high level throughout the day.

This diagram shows arteries in red which suck in oxygen rich air from the lungs. The veins shown in blue blow out carbon dioxide from lungs. The gravity based rhythmic full body breathing ensures very high oxygen saturation levels throughout the body

Jeevan Dhara 2 

In this, we clean our lungs from inside. It took quite a bit of innovation to work out a method to do so.

This exercise uses the body’s own innate reaction against viruses and polluting matter in the respiratory system, which is a sneeze or a cough. Here we do this in a guided gentle manner to throw out all foreign particles using a forceful exertion.

In the video you will notice that we have done this for all surfaces of our inner lungs, that is the bottom part, the front side and the rear of the lungs. Further we have used a gravity and pressure based full body movement to create this forceful exertion.

We need to take care of two aspects while doing this exercise

a) Keep a paper or cloth bag to dispose of the phlegm and ensure no aerosols are spread around

b) Make sure we do not damage our mucous layer which is there on the lung surface

The positive results of Jeevan Dhara 

Post exercises you will attain

a) High oxygen levels which will last you throughout the day.

b) You also have an easy tool to feel energetic throughout the day. You can do this Standing, sitting on your chair and even before sleeping

c) Your lungs will become clean as well as flexible

d) Positivity will follow you throughout the day

So do the exercises! They are simpler than any other exercises you would have done.

The URL is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAG-5Ongcbo


The author is an engineer from the Delhi College of Engineering (now DTU).  He is a builder and has written two books. The second one, 2040:The battle for life, is slated to be released by the 2021-end.  He spends considerable time researching about gravity biomechanics along with his team and runs a fitness company, mygravitymyfitness.com. He can be contacted at [email protected] 


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  • Great article. Very helpful and simple. The concept of using gravity as a benchmark for physical performance makes tremendous sense.

    By themselves the exercises too are simple and I think even my mom at 80 will be able to do them. recommended for all.

  • Great

  • Sanjay Mittal has investigated and developed excellent exercises to improve oxygen concentrations. These will provide better oxygenation for brain and heart relaxation. I studied in Electrical Engineering at DCE in the same batch with him and have known him for a long time. He is very sincere and systematic in his approach towards complex subjects, especially in this pandemic and working with full concentration and dedication to help everyone breathe much better. All the best to him and please try these breathing exercises at your convenience gradually.

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