Healthium’s surgical wound dressing is non-adherent & water-proof

 Healthium’s surgical wound dressing is non-adherent & water-proof

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Global medtech company Healthium Medtech Limited has come up with TRUSHIELD™ NXT surgical wound dressing.

TRUSHIELD™ NXT comes with the advantages of a 3D hydrocellular substrate and patented infection prevention technology to offer a complete wound care system that provides 360 degree wound protection. It provides exudate and moisture management, while remaining waterproof. Its patented technology continuously inhibits pathogen growth with a unique non-leaching, non-depleting kill mechanism. It has patents in the U.S, Europe and India.

TRUSHIELD NXT is non- adherent (does not stick to the wound and can be easily removed) and water proof with exudate management ability when compared to traditional wound dressing and reduces the need to repeatedly change dressings, thereby reducing costs

“TRUSHIELD™ NXT is manufactured to high quality standards at our US FDA registered plant. With our sales network reaching 90% of districts in India with secondary healthcare facilities catering to 40,000 surgeons across 18000 hospitals, we look to offering wider choices to our customers and delivering better standards in patient care, with innovative and quality products,” says Anish Bafna, CEO and MD, Healthium Medtech.

Adds Dr Ashok Moharana, Chief Medical Officer, Healthium Medtech, “A successful surgery is complemented by a well- healed wound. TRUSHIELD™ NXT surgical wound dressing, enables healing through exudate and moisture management ability while  providing infection control with a patented technology that continuously inhibits growth of pathogen ( 99.99 per cent kill rate against a broad spectrum of pathogen). The dressing is water-proof and does not adhere to the wound, for a trauma- less removal. We believe that with this new technology and our access, we will be able to benefit patients globally.”



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